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Gymboree - In the Media

Babies in action
Susan (from Gymboree Ireland) puts a group of Babies through their paces on TV3's Ireland AM.
  New mum and Blue Peter presenter, Liz Barker, is learning the ins and outs of motherhood with baby Dexter. Watch as Liz and Dexter enjoy themselves at Gymboree in the UK.

Toddlers on the Move

ITV was looking for a fun and exciting class to film for its “Toddler Club” so where else to go but Gymboree! Watch the children as they dance and play, shake some maracas, and have a great time.


3 Year Olds Strut Their Stuff

As part of the Channel 4 "My First" series, Elen is having her first day at Gymboree! Watch as she joins an “Olympics” themed Level 6 class. Elen rides a bus, waves her flag, throws a discus, goes for a swim and even eats some pretend ice cream. Come along and join Elen’s fun.



Gymboree featured recently in the Irish Times magazine. Click here to read the article.

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