Gymboree Ireland|Play and Music Classes for your Baby, Toddler, and Preschool kids up to age 5

"Gymboree's 'follow the lead of the child approach' helps young children learn 'how to learn' and supports them in becoming confident, lifelong learners."

-  Claire Lerner LCSW, child development specialist, Director of Parenting Information and Resources at ZERO TO THREE®

Gymbo Playing
Play & Learn Classes
Play & Learn Classes

Classes   Play & Learn Classes

Gymboree Play and Music classes are uniquely and intentionally designed for early childhood development. Through play, your child is challenged physically, socially and cognitively, building crucial skills to support a lifetime of learning.

Our expert play leaders support you through 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to play, explore, and learn. Our custom designed curriculum challenges your child as they grow, with changing playscapes and themes every three weeks.

Babies    Babies0-8 months  

You'll learn a variety of ways to play with your newest little bundle of joy. Non-mobile babies are exposed to sensory play, songs, and the beginnings of social play.

Meet like-minded parents while our expert teachers lead you through nurturing exercises and activities that stimulate your baby's brain development. The first stepping stone to sparking a love of learning!

Crawler    Crawlers6-14 months

We boogie down with our babies, get up and dance, give them baby massages, sing them songs, and explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities on the equipment.

Explore tummy time from a new perspective or on a new texture, slide down slides on soft lambskins, or take a ride in a gentle swing! Play as a group and socialize with others! Sing songs, learn a routine, and PLAY!

Walkers    Walkers10-18 months

We'll explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities, with a focus on different ways to use each piece of our equipment.

Crawl through tunnels, explore different textures, slide down slides (or climb up slides!), toddle over bridges, or take a ride in a swing!! We�ll also practice social skills and memory building through sing-alongs and group-play.

Runners    Runners16-24 months

It's all about opposites: loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! Contrasting "themes" help your child learn better ways to communicate. We move across the bridge sllowwwly and then fast!

They'll learn how to control body movements and use their body to navigate and problem solve across monkey bars, giant cushions, and through little tunnels. We'll also practice repetition and routine with regular parachute and bubble activities. Soon your little one will be leading the Gymbo Dance!

Explorer    Explorers2 - 5 years

Play both independently and with peers while learning to connect ideas through cooperation and communication.

Family    Family Gymboree Play & Learnmulti-age

Engage your little ones in a multi-age music class which provides opportunities not only to learn musical techniques, styles, and about different instruments, but also supports social and emotional development.