Gymboree Ireland|Play and Music Classes for your Baby, Toddler, and Preschool kids up to age 5

"Touch is your baby’s most highly developed sense at birth, and was the first sense her brain registered during gestation. It is known as the mother of the senses."

- Kim Walls M.S., Episencial;

Gymboree Baby Massage
Foot Massage
Sleeping Baby
Baby Massage

Learn how to massage your baby and enjoy this wonderful shared experience between you and your baby. The course runs over 5 weeks and is specially designed for newborns to 12 month olds. Massage provides numerous physical, psychological and emotional benefits for both the little ones and their adults. It helps with colic relief, better sleeping, relaxation, bonding and stimulation.

Massage Newborn to 12 Months

Learn a skill that while immediate, can last a lifetime. The benefits of massage include, but are not limited to: Relief from Emotional Stress and Colic. Relaxtion which helps soothe and unsettled baby, and aids with sleep. Stimulation to help with weight gain and build immunity. Interaction - The baby being massaged feels heard and respected which helps them to build confidence and a healthy self-image as they grow. Massage also assists the recovery from post-natal depression and aids in the overall bonding process.

Baby Massage classes are a reclaimable maternity expense with most private health insurance packages in Ireland.